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Только для ЗАРУБЕЖЬЯ! Intervelo100-Odessa-World

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      Леонид Ржепишевский

      Competition! — Invite to your route! — 100 euro!
      It’s no secret that the World FlashMob is held on April 6, 2019.
      Intervelo100-Odessa-World timed to the “Odessa bike» and dedicated to the Day of the liberation of Odessa.
      We are confident that thousands of bicycle lovers on the planet Earth, united by Facebook, will spend this entrance day with relatives, friends, colleagues, traveling 100 kilometers by bike and enjoying the nature, history and culture of their native (or country of residence at the moment) region !

      In order for each cyclist who has not yet decided to travel 100 kilometers alone for 10 hours on his own, in order to stimulate the development of the most interesting and beautiful routes almost next to his house, we hold a competition — Invite to your route!
      Remember — 1st place — 100 euros!
      Algorithm of participation in the competition:
      1. Registered participants participate Intervelo100-Odessa-World
      2. Contestants develop an interesting 95-105 km long route not far from their home, apply description and photos to it and place in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/329964037621239/?ref=br_rs
      3. Based on collected likes, the winner of the competition is determined.
      4. The winner receives a prize on a bank card — 100 euros.
      5. The deadline for submission of routes to the group — until March 1.
      Note: After summing up the results of Intervelo100-Odessa-World for each participant from another country who came to participate in your itinerary with you on April 6, 2019, it costs 5 euros.
      Конкурс! — Пригласи на свой маршрут! – 100 евро!
      Ни для кого уже не секрет, что 6 апреля 2019 года проводится Всемирный флешмоб
      Intervelo100-Odessa-World приуроченный «Одесской велосотке» и посвященный Дню освобождения Одессы.
      Уверены, что тысячи любителей велосипеда на планете Земля, объединенные Фейсбуком, проведут этот входной день с близкими, друзьями, коллегами, преодолевая 100 километров на велосипеде и получая удовольствие от общения с природой, историей и культурой родного (или страны проживания на данный момент) края!

      Для того, чтобы каждый велосипедист, еще не решившийся проехать в одиночку 100 километров за 10 часов самостоятельно, для того, чтобы стимулировать разработку САМЫХ интересных и красивых маршрутов практически рядом со своим домом, мы проводим конкурс — Пригласи на свой маршрут!
      Помните – 1 место – 100 евро!
      Алгоритм участия в конкурсе:
      1. В конкурсе участвуют зарегистрированные участники Intervelo100-Odessa-World
      2. Участники конкурса разрабатывают интереснейший маршрут протяженностью 95-105 километров невдалеке от своего дома, прикладывают к нему описание и фотографии и размещают в группе https://www.facebook.com/groups/329964037621239/?ref=br_rs
      3. По собранным лайкам определяется победитель конкурса.
      4. Победитель получает на банковскую карточку приз – 100 евро.
      5. Срок подачи маршрутов в группу – до 1 марта.
      Примечание: После подведения итогов Intervelo100-Odessa-World за каждого участника, приехавшего вместе с Вами участвовать в Вашем маршруте 6 апреля 2019 года -начисляется 5 евро.

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      Леонид Ржепишевский

      A good start for the new Randoners of the World
      I appeal to you as friends, for advice, support and help.
      Since 1983, in Odessa, I have been spending the annual traditional bicycle rally “100 kilometers along the Glory Belt in 10 hours”, dedicated to the Day of the liberation of Odessa for the prizes of the editorial board of the newspaper “Evening Odessa”.
      However, for a number of political, economic, and social reasons, holding this event is later in doubt.
      It was decided to try to conduct a “part-time weaving” — the “Intervelo100-Odessa-World” flash mob (below)
      I ask your advice, support and assistance in the implementation of this project.
      100 kilometers together:
      You are at home — and we are in Odessa!
      I suggest you to take part in the grandiose world flashmob!
      On April 6, in Odessa at 10 am Kyiv time, 37 bicycle rally “100 kilometers along the Glory belt in 10 hours” starts for the prizes of the editorial board of the newspaper “Evening Odessa”.
      It would be very good if you gathered with your family and friends and on the same day, at the same hour, started a 100-kilometer distance to the memorable historical, cultural, architectural places of your district.
      Such active support for our event, which first started in 1983, will help us maintain the spirit of sport, an active and healthy lifestyle in our city in a period of great changes and upheavals that our country (Ukraine) is experiencing on its way to a bright democratic future.
      Below we offer a scheme by which you can also become an absentee participant of our bicycle rally.
      By the way, a person who organized 100 or more participants in a flash mob with the Order of Friendship with Odessa, 1 degree, on the purple ribbon of the “Honorary Citizen of the“ Odessa Cycling Club ”.
      A person who has organized 50 or more people to participate in a flash mob is awarded the Order of Friendship with Odessa of the 2nd degree on a blue ribbon «Citizen of the Odessa Cycling Club».
      A person who has organized 20 or more people to participate in a flash mob is awarded the Order of Friendship with Odessa of 3 degrees on the green ribbon of the “Odessa Cycling”.
      Since 2019, we are opening a new competition in our bicycle rally — INTERVELO-100-ODESSA-WORLD!
      Becoming a participant in such an unusual and unique experiment of the cycling rally “Odessa Cycling” is quite simple:
      1. Choose an interesting route with a length of 100 kilometers, preferably to interesting places with historical, cultural and architectural monuments, in the vicinity of your home.
      2. With the help of social networks, local specialized bicycle forums, bicycle shops and simply in communication with friends to form a team of like-minded people. Maybe this is a small team of employees or neighbors. It does not matter if the first time you go alone.
      3. Until April 1, 2019, participants of all categories must register on the website https://velorally.ua/ in the section “Events” in the event “Intervelo100-Odessa-World”
      4. -print, laminate and attach the number of the participant received by e-mail to the wheel of the bike in front
      5. — Register the selected cycling rally route on April 6 via email Intervelo100@ukr.net
      6. — Register the selected cycling rally route on April 6 via email Intervelo100@ukr.net
      7. -6 April 2019:
      7.1. To fix the start time on the photo with timing.
      7.2. fix on the photo with timing the places of stops (checkpoints), the main turning points, as well as historical, cultural and architectural monuments on the route.
      7.3. at the time of the finish on the route, send an SMS with the text: “Participant number. The finish. Place of finish «on the phone +380974479477
      8. April 7 — April 20, 2019
      8.1- submit to e-mail Intervelo100@ukr.net a photo-video report with a brief description of the advantages of this route. According to the results of the “Competition of routes of 100 kilometers”, the best route of the country of the bicycle rally will be determined, with further recommendations for participation in the following years.
      ALL PARTICIPANTS INTERVELO-100-ODESSA-WORLD! SUCCESSFUL CARTONS ON PRIZES WHICH IS HELPED BY THIS EVENT. Award materials are delivered at Ukrposhta tariffs approved for each country of the bicycle rally at the expense of the participants.

      For each participant INTERVELO-100-ODESSA-WORLD! 2019 his number will be assigned LIFE with the opportunity to participate in our next event with a 5% discount of the registration fee, and in all subsequent events — with a cumulative discount of + 1%
      We are planning to hold such a 100 km event on September 21, 2019, but with the charitable focus of INTERVELO- «JUST» -ODESSA-WORLD!
      For participants of our interactive international events on a bicycle that have accumulated 1000 kilometers (10 participations) there is a PERSONAL invitation with free participation in a real bicycle rally “100 kilometers along the Belt of Glory for 10 hours” (Odessa cycling route).
      We count on your understanding and support of our initiative as early as 2019!

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